Privacy Policy

Last updated 11/09/2023


Greetings from Appointwise. As stewards of your trust, we understand the importance of maintaining privacy and safeguarding data. This policy provides an in-depth account of our practices around data and privacy.

1. The Nature of Data We Gather

1.1 As part of our commitment to provide top-tier services, we might collect:

  • Names, to personalize your experience.
  • Email addresses, for communication purposes.
  • IP addresses, to enhance system security and provide tailored service experiences.

2. How We Harness Your Data

2.1 Every fragment of data we collect is to:

  • Ensure smooth account management.
  • Refine, and continually adapt, our services to better suit your needs.

3. On Third-Party Affiliations and Cookies

3.1 From time to time, we might collaborate with select entities to augment our offerings. These collaborations might involve discreet use of third-party cookies to refine user experiences and provide relevant content.

3.2 Please rest assured, these collaborations are always rooted in principles of discretion and data security.

4. Storage & Security Commitments

4.1 The sanctity of your data is paramount. We employ top-tier encryption measures and robust infrastructures to house your data. This ensures not just safety, but also an uninterrupted service experience.

5. Your Interaction with Cookies

5.1 Our platform leans on cookies to remember preferences and understand user behaviour. This assists in making your interactions seamless. However, should you prefer a path of discretion, most browsers offer an avenue to disable cookies.

6. Your Autonomy Over Data

6.1 As a beacon of our respect for your autonomy, you may access, amend, or decide to part ways with our Service. In such cases, you can confidently delete your account, which will also erase your data footprint with us.

6.2 For guidance on these processes, our team remains at your service at [Contact Email].

7. Protocols for Unforeseen Circumstances

7.1 In the unlikely event of data security challenges, our commitment is to maintain transparency. Affected users will receive a discreet email detailing the situation and our subsequent responsive measures within 72 hours.

8. Children's Privacy & Our Stance

8.1 While our Service is universal in its appeal, it is not specifically curated for younger audiences. We adhere to stringent standards when it comes to data collection, especially concerning younger demographics.

9. Adapting to Times: Policy Changes

9.1 The digital realm evolves, and so does AppointWise. Significant shifts in this policy will be conveyed to our esteemed users via their registered email.

Avenues to Connect

For any musings, queries, or reflections regarding this Privacy Policy, we welcome you to connect with us at