Free Trial Policy

Last updated 26/03/2024


Welcome to Appointwise's Free Trial Policy. This document provides comprehensive information about our free trial offering, its scope, terms, and conditions. Please review this policy carefully before opting for our free trial.

1. Duration of the Free Trial

1.1 Appointwise offers a one-week (7 days) free trial for new users to explore and evaluate our platform.

2. Eligibility

2.1 The free trial is available exclusively to new users who have not previously registered with Appointwise or participated in a free trial before.

3. Features and Limitations

3.1 During the free trial, users will have access to all features of Appointwise.

3.2 Some premium features or advanced functionalities may be restricted and available only in our paid plans.

4. Card Details

4.1 Users are required to provide valid card details to start the free trial.

4.2 No charges will be made during the free trial period. However, a small verification charge may be temporarily held to confirm the validity of the card.

5. Cancellation and Transition

5.1 Users can cancel their free trial anytime during the one-week period.

5.2 If not cancelled, at the end of the free trial, users will be automatically transitioned to their chosen plan, and the associated charges will be billed to the provided card.

6. Notifications

6.1 Users will receive a reminder email three days before the trial's end, notifying them of the upcoming transition to a paid plan.

7. Data Retention and Privacy

7.1 All user data provided or generated during the free trial is protected under AppointWise's Privacy Policy.

7.2 Upon cancellation, users can request data deletion or portability as per our Privacy Policy terms.

8. Changes to the Free Trial Policy

8.1 Appointwise reserves the right to modify or terminate the free trial offer at any time without prior notice. However, any changes will not affect those users already enjoying their free trial.

9. Contact Us

9.1 For any questions, clarifications, or issues related to our Free Trial Policy, please get in touch with us at